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FY580 Water Well Drilling Rig

FY580 water well drilling rig features:   1. FY580 series water well drilling rig adopts full hydraulic control and top drive to drive the drilling tool rotation The drilling efficiency is high……
Product Introduction

FY580 water well drilling rig features:


1. FY580 series water well drilling rig adopts full hydraulic control and top drive to drive the drilling tool rotation

The drilling efficiency is high.


  1. Equipped with Cummins 132kw generator, with strong power and long service life. Italian imported oil pump, 3-link oil pump


  1. The overall layout is reasonable, using tractor type or full ground chassis transportation, and good mobility.


  1. It is very flexible on difficult roads and can be widely used in many fields such as hydrological good resource exploration, coal bed methane, shale gas shallow, geothermal, etc. It can also be used for coal mine gas mining salvage work.


  1. The overhead drive head with a large spindle diameter is suitable for a variety of construction operations such as mud drilling, air drilling, and air foam drilling to meet the drilling needs of different strata.


  1. Independent heat dissipation dual system adopts hydraulic oil temperature cooling and carries traditional air cooling. Long engine life


  1. Dual system: 1. Air power system with air compressor 2. Mud pump system with mud pump.

Technical Parameters:


The weight(T) 12 Drill pipe diameter(mm) Φ102  Φ108  Φ114
The hole diameter(mm) 140-350 Drill pipe length(m) 1.5m  2.0m  3.0m  6.0m
Drilling depth(m) 580 Rig lifting force(T) 28
One-time advance length(m) 6.6 Rapid rise speed(m) 20
Walking speed(km/h) 2.5 Fast feeding speed(m/min) 40
Climbing angles(Max.) 30 Width of loading(m) 2.85
Equipped capacitor(kw) 132 Hoisting force of winch(T) 2
Using air pressure(MPA) 1.7-3.5 Swing torque(N.m) 8500-11000
Air consumption(m³/min) 17-42 Dimension(mm) 6200×2200×2650
Swing speed(rpm) 45-140 Equipped with hammer Medium and high wind pressure series
The penetration efficiency(m/h) 15-35 High leg stroke(m) 1.7
The engine brand Cummins engine

borehole rig


For those seeking unparalleled precision and productivity for their water well drilling ventures – look no further than the FY580 series rig! Featuring cutting-edge advancements such as a full hydraulic control system and top drive mechanism, this machine delivers optimal results when rotating drill tools with ease. One of its standout assets is its remarkable capacity to achieve high-speed rates without compromise on operational quality- making it especially beneficial when tackling difficult terrains like harder or rockier grounds.

Notably powerful yet efficient, the FY580 rig is equipped with a Cummins 132kw generator that provides reliable power output under any condition. This generator also benefits from an extended service life, ensuring it lasts for years to come. Additionally, the hydraulic control system sports imported Italian oil pumps to further enhance its durability.

The 3-link oil pump in the rig plays a critical role in delivering high-pressure oil flow to the drilling tool. In turn, this ensures that even difficult terrains are easily penetrable by this powerful equipment.

The overall design of FY580 series rig optimizes its efficiency by enabling it to handle diverse challenges effectively. Its tractor type or full ground chassis transportation makes it flexible enough to navigate through steep hills, muddy roads and rocky terrain without difficulty enhanced by its mobility capabilities – making it ideal for hydrological studies, geological surveys as well as oil exploration and other drilling activities alike .

Furthermore, users seeking to tap into underground water resources can comfortably rely on these rigs’ flexibility and versatility since they can be personalized & optimized according to their unique requirements. In summary, the FY580 series water well drilling rig is a premier machine that delivers exceptional drilling performance with remarkable efficiency. Its hydraulic control system, powerful top drive mechanism, dependable Cummins generator, imported Italian oil pump and 3-link oil pump all work together to create a state-of-the-art tool for any drilling operation.

Its impressive mobility and adaptability also makes this rig perfect for different types of terrain while its customized options make it an ideal choice for diverse applications. By investing in this advanced technology today you can tap into the vast underground water resources with ease.



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