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FY300 Water Well Drilling Rig

FY300 water well drilling rig features 1.It is an efficient and multifunctional downhole water well drilling equipment, which can be used for drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geo……
Product Introduction

FY300 water well drilling rig features

1.It is an efficient and multifunctional downhole water well drilling equipment, which can be used for drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geothermal wells, and other kinds of boreholes. It is especially suitable for water extraction projects in mountainous areas and rock formations.

2.The machine can drill in different layers (rock layer, mud layer, sand layer), and the maximum hole diameter can reach 300mm.

3.The machine adopts high torque hydraulic motor power head and brand diesel, and the hydraulic control system adopts a large diameter hydraulic cylinder. The brand diesel fuel is protected by a 2-stage air filtration system, or you can use clean air from an air compressor directly.

4.Unique bump design and centralized control of the operating system, easy to maintain and convenient for machine operation.

5.The machine adopts excavator crawler chassis with high off-road performance, and also can be mounted on a truck for more mobility.

6.Two gear rotation and feeding speed make it work in the soil and rock layer.

7.Dual systems can be added: 1. Air power system with air compressor 2. Mud pump system with mud pump.

Technical parameter:

The weight(T) 7.2 Drill pipe diameter(mm) Φ76 Φ89 Φ102
The hole diameter(mm) 140-325 Drill pipe length(m) 1.5m  2.0m  3.0m
Drilling depth(m) 300 Rig lifting force(T) 18
One-time advance length(m) 3.3/4.8 Rapid rise speed(m/min) 22
Walking speed(km/h) 2.5 Fast feeding speed(m/min) 40
Climbing angles(Max.) 30 Width of loading(m) 2.7
Equipped capacitor(kw) 85 Hoisting force of winch(T) 2
Using air pressure(MPA) 1.7-3.0 Swing torque(N.m) 5700-7500
Air consumption(m³/min) 17-36 Dimension(mm) 4100×2000×2500
Swing speed(rpm) 40-70 Equipped with hammer Medium and high wind pressure series
The penetration efficiency(m/h) 15-35 High leg stroke(m) 1.4
The engine brand Yuchai  engine

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We are thrilled to unveil our latest cutting edge product – an efficient water well drilling equipment with unmatched versatility. This powerful machine is ideal for a diverse range of applications such as water wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geothermal wells among others.

What sets this innovatively designed machine apart from other drilling equipment is its superior capacity and exceptional features that make operating smoothly even in demanding terrains like mountainous areas or rocky formations.

The advanced technology embedded in this remarkable machine enables it to move through various layers such as rock layer, mud layer, sand layer – making it perfect for wide ranging drilling projects that require precision and speed. Additionally its impressive maximum hole diameter capability reaches up to 300mm.

Manufactured with premium materials and superior craftsmanship techniques; our product has a state of the art high torque hydraulic motor power head allowing you to trust the reliability and longevity of your purchase. As a top of the range product brand with excellent manufacturing expertise; customers can be confident in their investment when opting for our multifunctional equipment—saving them time and labor costs through effortless interchangeability between different drilling tasks.

Flexibility is what makes this equipment stand out among others since it can efficiently drill both domestic and agricultural wells. The tool’s ease of operation makes it a perfect choice even for those who are new to the field since its user-friendly control system simplifies all operations, regardless of terrain difficulty levels.

Furthermore, being lightweight and compact makes it highly convenient when it comes to transportation and storage while ensuring optimal performance with minimum upkeep costs due to its low maintenance requirements. This environmentally friendly machine conserves water hence ideal for farmers and organizations mindful of nature conservation efforts; also, we have incorporated customer needs when designing the drill by offering borehole cleaning options alongside other accessories.

In summing up the downhole water well drilling equipment is a game changer when it comes to efficient and multifunctional machines for any type of cutting edge project out there. Regardless of where you’re working or what you’re doing this piece of technology will always deliver top quality results with ease of operation at all times – all thanks to its sleek yet durable design as well! If excellence in your work matters most then step up with our revolutionary product today!



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