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FY500 Water Well Drilling Rig

FY500 water well drilling rig features.   Engine: famous brand Guangxi Yuchai turbocharged engine or American Cummins brand turbocharged engine walking device: equipped with new walking motor ……
Product Introduction

FY500 water well drilling rig features.


  1. Engine: famous brand Guangxi Yuchai turbocharged engine or American Cummins brand turbocharged engine
  2. walking device: equipped with new walking motor and reducer with long service life
  3. Hydraulic oil pump: imported from Italy, parallel gearbox design, oil pump separation, providing
  4. Sufficient and reasonable power distribution. Advanced hydraulic system with unique design, simple maintenance, and low cost.
  5. power head device; box body integrated molding, dual motors to provide greater power, greater torque, more durability, and lower maintenance costs.
  6. Drilling rig chassis; (professional drilling rig chassis), classic and durable, heavy load bearing, wide chain plate width, less damage to hard surfaces.


  1. Lifting force; using the designed compound big arm, with small big arm size, long-stroke, double oil cylinder lifting force, and large rig lifting tonnage; the lifting arm configured with the rig body is equipped with a limit device for protecting the safety of the oil cylinder to ensure workplace safety.
  2. Each hydraulic oil pipe is covered with thickened protection sleeve, which makes the oil pipe last longer.


  1. Independent cooling dual system adopts hydraulic oil temperature cooling and carries traditional air cooling. Long engine life


  1. Dual system: 1. Air power system with air compressor 2. Mud pump system with mud pump

Technical Parameters:

The weight(T) 11.5 Drill pipe diameter(mm) Φ102  Φ108  Φ114
The hole diameter(mm) 140-350 Drill pipe length(m) 1.5m  2.0m  3.0m  6.0m
Drilling depth(m) 500 Rig lifting force(T) 26
One-time advance length(m) 6.6 Rapid rise speed(m/min) 20
Walking speed(km/h) 2.5 Fast feeding speed(m/min) 40
Climbing angles(Max.) 30 Width of loading(m) 2.85
Equipped capacitor(kw) 118 Hoisting force of winch(T) 2
Using air pressure(MPA) 1.7-3.5 Swing torque(N.m) 7500-10000
Air consumption(m³/min) 17-42 Dimension(mm) 6200×2200×2650
Swing speed(rpm) 40-130 Equipped with hammer Medium and high wind pressure series
The penetration efficiency(m/h) 15-35 High leg stroke(m) 1.7
The engine brand Yuchai engine

borehole drilling equipment


Our latest creation is here – the ultimate drilling rig that guarantees an unrivaled working experience! With advanced features and next generation technology equipped in our equipment we assure you a seamless drilling operation.

Powered by either the Guangxi Yuchai turbocharged engine or Americas famous Cummins turbocharged engine- known for their toughness and excellent performance – our rig performs seamlessly even under the most challenging situations. Our drilling machines walking device incorporates a new walker motor and reducer designed for longevity, capable of confidently traversing all types of terrains smoothly.

Constructed to last for years this durable equipment can withstand heavy impact forces without compromising operational productivity levels. Our hydraulic oil pump is supplied from Italy and designed with parallel gearbox technology to ensure uniform power distribution at all times.

When it comes to powerful drilling rigs built to tackle even the most challenging of terrains or work environments- look no further than our top of the range equipment! Designed with expert engineered attention to detail; our hydraulic system is unique in terms of its straightforward maintenance requirements – keeping operational costs low without sacrificing quality or performance. Featuring an impressive power head device; which houses a durable integrated box body molding alongside dual motors – this enables faster operation with greater accuracy than ever possible before; utilized effortlessly by operators of all levels of experience! You’ll appreciate the premium quality construction on all parts of this machine- after undergoing rigorous testing procedures allowing us to achieve maximum durability.

This means our drilling rig provides optimum reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness; thus delivering exceptional value for your investment. Looking for a drilling solution that you can depend on? Our rig offers advanced functionality, a powerful engine and robust design that ensures optimal performance every time.

Transform your drilling experience with our innovative product.



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